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Cary Collins, Realtor with Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Southern Coast Real Estate in Summerville, SCIt's no surprise that Cary Collins wanted to chat about rock n' roll for a few minutes before discussing his career in real estate; the South Carolina native actually passed up a career in music to focus on his current path. He doesn't regret the decision, but he treasures the memories of working management and production for regional music festivals such as the Three Rivers Festival in Columbia.

Collins, whose mother has been in real estate sales since his youth, originally planned on pursuing real estate law after obtaining his degree from the University of South Carolina. However, he soon felt drawn to home sales even more.

“It definitely seemed like the thing to do in the early 2000s,” he pointed out.

At the moment, things are going exceptionally well for Collins, and he's confident he made the right choice. Working with his mother's company, Berkshire Hathaway in Summerville, S.C, has proven fruitful, and, even during the economic downtown that hit the housing industry so profoundly, Collins perservered. He claimed that the “problem-solving” aspect of real estate is what keeps him inspired, and prefers a no-nonsense approach to closing deals in order to gain the unwavering trust of his clients.

“Once the deal happens, I like the opportunity to see it through,” he commented. “I take pride in getting the proper information to my clients, and ensuring them and their families that they're making the correct decision.”

Collins' logical approach (and aversion to being that salesguy stereotype) has served him well. So well, in fact, that in the next couple of years he will focus more on branding his own company, Collins and Collins Real Estate.

His main tactic for establishing the brand is plenty of community involvement; just recently, he was elected to be on the Charleston Realtor Board for 2015. He'll be one of the only nonmanagers and nonbrokers on the board, an impressive testament to the work he is doing in the industry. He is also an active Mason as well as a Shriner.

“My name means a lot to me in the community [of Summerville],” he pointed out. “I grew up in Summerville and I've done a great deal of volunteer work.”

After the work hours are over, Collins makes sure to spend plenty of time with his wife and children. He described his family as his “great motivator,” and credits family as one of the reasons he is inspired to work hard. As for playing hard, Collins enjoys the Lowcountry for its outdoor sports, particularly boating and fishing.

Get in touch with Cary Collins by email at or call him at (843) 708-0491. To learn more about Collins and Collins real estate, visit

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